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Hurricane Harvey Has Devastated Texas, We Are Here To Help!

For the last two weeks I have been working with Kent Sullivan, the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance, to convince FEMA to extend the Proof of Loss deadline for an additional 6 months.  Through our efforts, the Governmental Affairs Committee of the TDI was able to contact FEMA and discuss the extension.  Our joint efforts resulted in a letter that has been sent to FEMA requesting the 6 month extension.  FEMA reported to the TDI that they saw no reason they could not grant the extension.

On behalf of all those insureds who have not been able to file their supplemental or final Proofs of Loss, I want to thank Commissioner Sullivan and his staff for their hard work and assistance in getting this needed relief.

As soon as I see the bulletin confirming the extension, I will let you know and confirm the end date.

We continue to work hard to help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

If you have questions about flood issues, call me, it is free and I am glad to help.

I consult with people who have suffered a flood or storm loss all the time.  I was in Randall's today in Houston and had a long visit with a neighbor about the issues she has with her flood claim.

If you have a flood claim, remember this:

1.  You cannot take too many pictures.

2.  There is no vacancy clause in a Standard Flood Insurance Policy for a dwelling, so you don't lose your coverage if you move out to repair your home for more than 60 days.

3.  You can help your contents claim by preparing your own spread sheet of contents with a good description of the item, its age, quantity, condition and a price from an online search for similar items.  BEWARE:  adjusters will frequently over-depreciate your contents, on the other hand this is one area where they are usually willing to compromise quickly.

4. Document everything you do if you begin clean up before the adjuster arrives.  If you pay cash for anything, get a receipt.  Keep your receipts.  If you plan to throw contents away, photograph them all in detail.  If they have serial numbers, take a photo.

5. If the deadline for your proof of loss is not extended by FEMA, I would hire a public adjuster as  you may not have time to get contractor bids that you will need or even do your repairs.  You should have at least two or three estimates from local contractors for your repairs so you will know if the offer is reasonable when you get it.

Call me if you have questions, I suspect I can answer them on the spot!

Warning:  The flood carrier's adjuster is not on your side.  Get everything in wrting from the adjuster and get their business card when they first show up!  Don't accept oral representations, make them put everything they say in writing and save it.

You have to timely file a Sworn Proof of Loss if you want to pursue additional damages in your flood claim.  The hidden trap is FEMA provides no instruction on how to fill out the Proof of Loss or what supporting information you need to supply to support it.  We do know and can help.

Remember, you can accept as a partial offer, whatever the carrier offers, and still make an additional claim.

After handling these claims for the last 9 years and reviewing hundreds of cases there is much for you to know to protect your claim.  There is a complete list of things you need to do on this website.

We are putting together a team of experienced attorneys and experts to provide full service to our clients regardless of the nature of your storm claim. 

If you have questions call me, it's free.  I am happy to share my knowledge of the process.  I have actually tried three flood cases, may be the only ones ever tried in this area.  There are many traps for the unwary.  If you need help, I am here to offer that help.

Call me at 713-358-2140 if you need answers to your storm questions.  Remember that your car is not covered by your flood policy, it is covered by your auto insurance policy.


I have joined forces with a group of experienced lawyers to not only handle flood claims, but also inverse comdemnation claims from the flooding of the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs.  We have filed suit against the Corp of Engineers in Federal Court and intend to be a leading advocate for those whose homes flooded due to the excessive water releases.  Let us help you if you have this claim.  I live in the Frostwood neighborhood in the Memorial area and we had areas flooded that had never flooded in more than 50 years.  All because of the Corps of Engineers release of water.

We can help. The case review is free! We are only paid on those claims where we make a successful recovery.

Count on a team of lawyers with real experience in handling Flood and Windstorm claims for more than 10 years

If you need help, or would like more information please contact us now!

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If you have suffered substantial damage to your home or business as a result of Hurricane Sandy, then call Martin L. Mayo & Associates, P.C. in Houston, Texas to discuss your legal options. Call to talk to a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer. All cases are accepted on a contingency basis! Call us if we can assist you.

Talk to a team of experienced trial attorneys with experience handling hurricane claims call: 713-358-2140.

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